Creative Works


Whisper at the Top of Your Lungs – Set on a small liberal arts campus, this drama tells the story of how students, the school and the college’s newspaper respond when freshman Dana accuses her then-boyfriend Tim of raping her. 3 F, 4 M. (NPX)

The Heart Play – April Hagen doesn’t qualify for the life-saving heart transplant she needs. While she’s accepted that, her three sons haven’t. In fact, they’ve set out on a plan to steal her a new heart and perform a DIY transplant in the living room of their childhood home. 1 F, 5 M. (NPX)

Deliberate Mistake
After the Beep

To produce one of my plays or request a perusal, please contact me at and include your theatre company or educational institution’s name. Thank you!

Creative Nonfiction:

For my English honors thesis, I undertook a New Journalism study of homosexuality in the Midwest, and the unique challenges that gay men faced. After extensive interviews, I retold their stories in prose, with every word backed by what they shared with me. I’m hoping to continue this project at a later date.