Creative Works


Whisper at the Top of Your Lungs Set on a small liberal arts campus, this drama tells the story of how students, the school and the college’s newspaper respond when freshman Dana accuses her then-boyfriend Tim of raping her. 3 F, 4 M. (NPX)

The Heart Play — April Hagen doesn’t qualify for the life-saving heart transplant she needs. While she’s accepted that, her three sons haven’t. In fact, they’ve set out on a plan to steal her a new heart and perform a DIY transplant in the living room of their childhood home. 1 F, 5 M. (NPX)

Artificial —Dr. Quade built Athena to be the perfect police officer, free of human error. But under scrutiny from the company funding their efforts, the robot lies to save the project. 3F, 3M. (NPX)

Deliberate Mistake
After the Beep

To produce one of my plays or request a perusal, please contact me at and include your theatre company or educational institution’s name. Thank you!

Creative Nonfiction:

For my English honors thesis, I undertook a New Journalism study of homosexuality in the Midwest, and the unique challenges that gay men faced. After extensive interviews, I retold their stories in prose, with every word backed by what they shared with me. I’m hoping to continue this project at a later date.