A Big Search for Little Deer – 2013 SD Conservation Digest Story

This is a piece I wrote as while working as the public relations intern at The Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls. It appeared in the Sept./Oct. 2013 issue of South Dakota Conservation Digest, and is reprinted here with the permission of  Casey Archibald, SD Game, Fish and Parks information officer and current editor of the magazine.

A Big Search For Little Deer by Matthew Stoffel, writing for South Dakota Conservation Digest
Reprint from South Dakota Conservation Digest‘s Sept./Oct. 2013 issue.

“They’ll be curled up in a ball. Look for red. Good luck,” Kevin Robling offered a group as they began to search a field in Turner County.

The night before, Robling, a big game biologist for Game, Fish and Parks (GFP), had been out with a spotlight, searching for deer. Having spotted a doe in the area, a search party was assembled to try locating her fawns. Continue reading

Links to Matt’s Augustana Mirror stories

While I was a student at Augustana College (now Augustana University), I was always weary of starting a blog because I didn’t want to put out content that was sub-par or would make me look bad later on. That concern had me hesitating for a long time, but it was probably unwarranted. These days, almost everything can be tracked down. So I figure, while my old articles for Augie’s school newspaper are laying around on the net, why not rake them together? Continue reading

Tribute Piece for Ben

On December 8, 2014, my classmate and fellow Augustana theatre company member Ben Kraft took his life. Augustana’s yearbook, the EDDA, asked me if I would contribute a piece to run on his memorial spread. This is what I sent them.

Benjamin Charles Kraft was the kind of guy you needed to brace for when he joined you at the lunch table. Eating a meal with Ben wasn’t just small talk and burgers. He was going to engage you. Continue reading

Maiden Postage

Thank you for taking the time to glance over here.

This blog will be a landing pad for me to showcase some of the work I’m doing, provide updates on projects, and feature some original content. I’m not going to make guarantees of regular postings, as I work mostly by writing for other outlets on assignment, but I want this to be a hub where people can come in touch with those kind of projects. Continue reading